“Cat Lady” Limited Edition Print
I have a timed edition print currently available at 1xRun.

This print features the lovely, miss Lauren WK.

This summer, my wife, Elizabeth Virginia Levesque, is starting a year of travel in search of educational opportunities and art communities starting in Asheville NC where she’ll be studying drawing under a master painter. This is, of course, not a cheap endeavor and in support i’m releasing an affordable art print. Local buyers interested in picking the print up directly will have the shipping fee refunded and can contact me directly for arrangements. All funds will go to Elizabeth to help support her in her year long art adventure.

Plenilune featuring Elizabeth Levesque and the fabulous Ninj.

Digital print on heavy photo paper.


“Hecate” Limited Edition Print
I have a timed edition print currently available at 1xRun.

This print features the super fun, super nerdy, miss Radeo.

“I Like Soup” Group show at Virginia MoCA
I had the pleasure of co-curating a group show with Heather Hakimzadeh at the Virginia MoCA. Artists were asked to customize blank soup cans to be shown in conjunction with an exhibit of works by Andy Warhol. I invited several of my favorite artists to participate and was very happy to see so many of them eager to contribute. We’re very happy with the lineup and think you will be too. If you happen to live in Virginia we hope you’ll be able to make it to our free public opening on Memorial Day. For fans outside the area the pieces will be documented and available for sale online.

There will be a free public opening Memorial Day, May 28th from 10am – 2pm. DETAILS HERE

Participating Artists:
Lauren Albert, Glenn Arthur, Monée Bengtson, Eric Thomas Bostrom, Heather Bryant, Diana Caramat, Kris Chau, Nomi Chi, Luke Chueh, Doug Clarke, Dominique Fung, Susie Ghahremani, Christine Harris, Charlie Immer, JoKa, Sarah Joncas, Ewelina Koszykowski, KozynDan, Elizabeth Levesque, Jason Levesque, Jason Limon, Jim Mahfood, Dan May, Soey Milk, Dave (davmo) Morris, Buddy Nestor, Raymond Nordwall, Charmaine Olivia, Amanda Outcalt, Conrad Roset, Alan Skees, Kristen Skees, Sayaka Suzuki, Eveline Tarunadjaja, Casey Weldon, Chet Zar

Los Angeles!
I’m going to be back in sunny LA for two shows next week April 13th and 14th. Details below, I hope you’ll make it out!

Suspense and Gallows Humor, A tribute to the all-time greatest
This group show at 1988 Venice is a tribute to the master of suspense, Alfred Hitchock.
Event page at 1988

Rothick art haus is proud to present Seven Deadly Sins:
A group show featuring an artist interpretation of the seven deadly sins. The show features Casey Weldon, Jason Levesque, Aaron Kraten, McEvoy &Rodriquez, Apricot Mantle, Nicole Bruckman, Jophen Stien, Krystopher Sapp, Amy Kaplan, William Zdan, Candy, Jose Carabes, Craig Skibs Barker, Quyen Dhin, Ron Pete, Jennifer Cotterill, Jackson Rott, Veronica Lyenn Harper, Cody Raiza, Maritza Torre, Dustin Myers, Sara Haase, Marlon Mcwilliams, Danny Schutt, Irene Garcia, Alex Gardner, Jiame Jimenez, Max Bare, Mimi Yoon, Lisa Moneypenny, Michael White, Richard Perez and more.

So come out for what will be an awesome show, fill with awesome art. Live music and drinks through out the night.
Facebook event page

“Flutter” Print

Limited edition print
18″ x 24″
edition of 50
signed and numbered by the artist

Now available.

Spoke Art is pleased to present a brand new limited edition print by artist Jason Levesque (aka Stuntkid.) This stunning work has been created exclusively for Spoke Art, is incredibly limited, has been printed on a gorgeous 300# Italian produced cold press watercolor paper, and will be made available here:

“Dead Lips”

Available only through the month of October, the “Dead Lips” print can be found here.

I just posted ther time lapse video on youtube which includes the entire creation process beginning with the sketch.

I’ve been tumbling a bit. Follow me, see how i tumble.

Stuntkid and Friends Show

On July 16th, in my hometown of Norfolk VA, I’m co-curating a show with a few of my favorite artists. Hope to see you there!

Allison Sommers, Nomi Chi, Jessica McCourt, Glenn Arthur, Elizabeth Levesque and Cate Rangel

More details on the Facebook event page.

“Paint Job” will be available for a short time over at Releasing on Jun 27, 2011 and unavailable after Jul 03, 2011.

LA Weekly

Out today, my version of a Tim Burton fan to celebrate the arrival of his exhibit in LA.

Model: Cake

“Meat” time lapse coloring

For my latest piece “Meat” featuring the super sweet Lauren Wk i’ve posted a time lapse coloring video. Plenty of backtracking, indecision and so on, enjoy!

Wired Magazine – June 2011

This is my second time working for Wired, though the first time was years ago. They were great and gave me plenty of creative freedom to visualize the article. If you get a chance to pick it up, the article is worth your time. It’s a story about extreme altitude fall survivors.

“Speaking in Tongues” A Group Art Show in Philadelphia

Black Vulture Gallery
208 East Girard Avenue
Philadelphia, PA


Friday, June 3 · 6:00pm – 9:00pm

Live painting by Cam Rackam & Genevive Zacconi
Live music by Decap Attak & Samsara

Artist list:
Mary J. Sheridan, Bree Hanrek, Crystal Barbre, Keith Wigdor, Dave Fox, Hoode, Vinny Osmers, Scott Cranmer, Cam Rackam, Jeremy Hush, Tatomir, Cliff Wallace, Dan Barry, Edward Robin Coronel, Clint Carney, Paul Romano, JL Schnabel, C.J. Stahl, Kat Gun, Heather Gargon, Kristen Ferrell, JoKa, Dan Harding, Lana Gentry, Donnie Green, Isis Graywood, Ginger Ellen Hansen, Kazilla, Jason Levesque (Stuntkid), Charlie Immer, Roberto Morales, Spine Stealer, Peter Adamyan, Jessica Ward, Apricot Mantle, Bianca Olson, Katie Perdue, Jimmy Krimmer, Shann Larsson, Lauren Rusignola, Travis Lindquist, Robert Bauder, Nicole Boitos, Brian Smith, Leila Marvel, Kate Collins, Zac Shiffer, Aaron Crawford, Scott D. Wilson, Mike Wohlberg, Eric Eaton, Brett Hess, Dave Glass, Jason Goldberg, Jeff Faerber, David Hollenbach, Ewelina Ferruso, JL Joseph Beaulieu, Jeremy Cross, Patrick Greenwood, Karl Persson, Michael Carbonaro, Elizabeth Virginia Levesque, Jeremy Holmes, Ivan Mora, Joe Leonard.

Post It, Barcelona

Opening May 5th at 8pm. I had initially hoped to attend this event but sadly other projects have come up and i’ll have to miss it.


Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes

I have three pieces in this show. It’ll be my first museum exhibition at the Contemporary Art Center of Virginia. If you’re local to me, i hope to see you there!
Opening Reception: Thursday, March 24, 6-8pm.
$5 admission, CAC members free.

FlatColor Gallery

Sidekicks & Henchmen II at the Flatcolor Gallery in Seattle.
Opening March 3rd 5-9PM:

Facebook Fan Page


Poster Peepshow

February 5, 2011 – February 28, 2011
Opening Reception / Feb 5, 7:00PM – 11:00PM

I’m participating in the Poster Peepshow this year at Gallery Nucleus in Los Angles. It looks like it’s going to be an amazing show with artists Olivia De Berardinis, Dean Yeagle, Dean Yeagle, Shane Glines and many more. There will be live figure drawing provided by Suicide Girls and a book signing by Olivia. Plus me giving out hugs and high-fives. See you there!

Details here.

“Art Rocks”
Produced for the “Art Rocks” exhibit and fundraiser at the Contemporary Art Center of Virginia this was my first collaboration with my wife Elizabeth Levesque.

Art Basel

I’ll be showing next month in the Multiveral Show in Miami Florida as part of Art Basel. If you’re in town i’d very much appreciate you dropping in and saying hey!


Time lapse coloring in Adobe Photoshop CS5 for those of you that are into that sort of thing!

Aquatic Life this weekend in Toronto!

Plastik Wrap boutique, 2235 Dundas st. West
August 5 · 7:00pm – 11:00pm

Details here.

Showing this weekend in Norfolk, VA
This Saturday, July 10th 2010, at the Art Gallery in Norfolk i’ll be showing with NY artist Erik Jones. Hope to see you there! Details here.

New Prints Available

Four new prints available exclusively through the J Fergeson Gallery.

“Married with Benefits” an interview with RVA Magazine. First time my wife and i have done a joint interview and we took the opportunity to talk about our upcoming show in Farmville.

Read the interview HERE

Limited Edition “Loose Lips” Prints

Signed and numbered, Printed on Heavy WaterColor Art paper 12″ x 12″
Limited Edition of 100

Upcoming Show – Farmville VA

The opening reception will be on Saturday, May 8 5-8 pm
The show will run May 4 – May 29

Limited Edition – Miss Red Hood

Signed and numbered, Printed on Heavy WaterColor Art paper 12″ x 18″
Limited Edition of 100

Limited Edition – Anatomical Prints

available now Signed and numbered prints produced for the Anatomically Correct show.

Signed and numbered, Printed on Heavy WaterColor Art paper 12″ x 12″
Limited Edition of 50

Ok twitter, i’m going to try to take you seriously… for a while at least.

Showing in LA
I’ll be signing and showing Saturday, February 20 at Miss Scarlet in the Parlor details on their site and here on facebook. While you’re there also check out work by Nomi Chi, James Flames, Eliza Frye and JJ Villard.

I recently had the good fortune of working with Apnea ( link NSFW ) to add to my collection of reference material. It’s been a long time coming as we’ve been trying to work together for the past five years.

You can find the first illustration referencing this material posted on my illustration page.

I’ve also posted a wallpaper for your consumption.

New Prints Available
I’ve added several previously unavailable prints to my shop. Enjoy!

Red Riding Hood
Time lapse coloring of Miss Hood emerging from the wolfs belly. Colored in PhotoShop CS4 over 4 or 5 hours. You can see the finished product in the illustration section.

This was actually kind of fun to do and pretty easy so i plan on doing more.

Power In Numbers 4
I have an original ink drawing in the Power In Numbers show December 12 at Gallery Nucleus, LA.

Each artwork piece will be priced at $100.00 and a selection of artworks will be auctioned. A portion of the night’s sales will benefit the American Red Cross (San Gabriel Pomona Valley Chapter) on emergency response efforts.

Getting hitched
I’m getting married this weekend to my hottie painter fiance’, Miss Elizabeth Henry. It’s been a casually long engagement lasting about 7 years but we feel like we can finally pull it off the way we want to.
Once the wedding has passed my illustrated posts should resume with more vigor and rapidity.

The busy schedule hasn’t kept me completely empty handed though.

Infectious Skate Decks

A childhood dream came true a few weeks ago when Infectious launched a pair of skate decks bearing my designs. Of course a 16 year old version of me once imagined me designing skateboard graphics all day. LINK

Shifting focus
Roughly five years ago I took up photography as a means of acquiring a library of reference material. Taking on a new art form can be thrilling. There was a lot to learn and I was lucky enough to befriend some hugely talented photographers that could guide me along the way, namely Kathryn Parker and Christopher Bautista. I can honestly say my venture into photography was rewarding in ways i never expected both with the online exposure it’s earned me and with the friendships i’ve formed along the way. Many of the models, makeup artists and wardrobe designers have turned from collaborators into friends.

While I’ve enjoyed photography it has begun to compete heavily with my true passion, illustration. The process of gathering wardrobe, flying in models and editing photos is very time consuming and i often find myself going weeks without putting pencil to paper. This is not at all what i intended. My attempts to cut back on photography are too often thwarted by amazing opportunities that would pull me back in.

In an effort to refocus my efforts I’ve decided to withdraw from photography. I have several shoots still planned over the next month or two with which i intend on following through with. After those any photography i do will be strictly for reference material and wont be posted.

For those interested, i opened a youtube account. I’ll be posting behind the scenes footage of photo shoots there along with other randomness. LINK

KOKESHI: From Folk Art to Art Toy opens to the public on July 11, at the Japanese American National Museum in LA, less than a month away!
I have a piece in this show along with such superstars as Eveline Tarunadjaja, Dan May, Catherine Brooks, Amy Sol, Stella Im Hultburg, KozynDan and Jason Lemon. More Info

Also, thanks to everyone that came out at HeroesCon. I had an amazing time, sold lots of books/prints and made a lot of new friends. Can’t wait for the next con!

New Book!
Just out today, an 82 page collection of my illustrations, sketches and photography

and here’s a promotional wallpaper to keep “Pretty Gross” at the forefront of your mind…

New album artwork for Ojos de Brujo featuring an illustration i based off my multitalented friend Zoetica

Ojos de Brujos

I have some spiffy decals available over at infectious now. Drop in and take a look, i’m in good company with decals also available from Jon Burgerman, Coop, Tara McPherson, Yumiko Kayukawa, Junko Mizuno and Shag.

There’s also a rather lengthy interview on my profile page :)

Just posted new photography featuring Miss Raquel Reed.

Feel free to add me on LiveJournal, Facebook and Myspace

I was recently commissioned to do the cover art for a comic book anthology put together by Rantz Hoseley and Tori Amos. If you haven’t seen it, it’s a HUGE book and definitely worth the 30 or so dollars most places are asking.

Comic Book Tattoo is in stores now! Available online at or Barnes and Noble, but i’d suggest supporting your local comic book store first!